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The “Follow the Sun” support model may not seem as cost-effective immediately, because it requires a dedicated management team – we’re aware of this concern as well. However, Cazoomi has a flat organization structure, where each team lead is responsible for their service desk’s pulse. “Follow the Sun” has become engrained in our support teams’ culture and is how we live, work, and play at Cazoomi. While “Follow the Sun” works best for large-scale organizations with offices spread across the globe, we here at SyncApps have proven that it’s possible to apply the support model for much smaller start-ups. There’s no reason not to try it out, even with just over 15+ folks at any given time providing support and services from home. Extending beyond standard client expectations, the follow-the-sun model also opens doors to preemptive performance monitoring – a service that Appnovation makes a part of every agreement.

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Follow the Sun is a 1951 biographical film of the life of golf legend Ben Hogan. It stars Glenn Ford as Hogan and Anne Baxter as his wife.

Shift transitions are well known to cause problems in the medical profession likely outweighing the downsides of longer shifts, and this mirrors my experience in software on-call rotations as well. follow-the-sun system produces world-class customer service, expands companies to international markets, and improves overall company performance. The “Follow-the-Sun” support model is a structured model that works best for service desks that work around the clock. It’s a model that provides support for clients at all times of the day or night, every day. Because of this, our “Customer Lobby” is available 24/7 for prospects, customers, and partners, and it has definitely played an instrumental key in our support success.

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Finally, the industry is increasingly moving away from having an “operations” team that is responsible for production duties for a “product” team that develops the software. This divide of roles simply does not work in my experience, as the value streams and feedback loops are misaligned for everyone involved. It likewise creates a hierarchy amongst your engineering teams that doesn’t reflect the sort of organization I want to represent.

A systematic literature review of best practices and challenges in enterprise password manager software development. In Global Software Engineering Workshops , 2013 IEEE 8th International Conference on (pp. 18-23). They specifically emphasize face-to-face communication, which can be done within one site. Since FTS aims to reduce inter-site communication, the face-to-face aspect is not a large hindrance to the overall application of agile development methodologies. Global knowledge work is defined as geographically dispersed knowledge workers working collaboratively from multiple locations.

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Dashboards offer the ultimate 360-degree view of all the teams and activity, and they’re very effective in helping everyone stay informed. Determine which services will be provided, when they will be provided, and what skill set will be needed to provide those services. For example, you may need skilled bilingual managers and associates to help with international communications. Rather than making the Follow-the-sun customer wait several hours until you can get back to working on a solution, follow the sun allows you to pass on the work to the next site. This way, the problem remains a priority and is worked on until the customer is satisfied. In addition, passing the work to a new group lets people see the problem from a new perspective. Document what has been accomplished so each site can avoid repeating work.

What is global support?

Follow the Sun (FTS), a sub-field of globally distributed software engineering (GDSE), is a type of global knowledge workflow designed in order to reduce the time to market, in which the knowledge product is owned and advanced by a production site in one time zone and handed off at the end of their work day to the next

Ensuring that, when one shift ends and another begins, issues are handled in order and priority is essential. Training; if you’re going to follow the sun, follow the team organization structure sun in a consistent manner across the globe. That means providing the same training experience and same program for all customer service agents in all regions.

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  • Ben and Valerie are pleased by a visit from Chuck and Norma, who assure them that their marriage has been saved.
  • As time passes, Ben concentrates on his game and learns to ignore the spectators, while Valerie struggles to stretch their meager funds.
  • As the match begins, Ben endeavors to keep Chuck from drinking, but on the course, continues to play to perfection.
  • Having a follow-the-sun operation is not reserved for only large enterprises.

If you continue to use this site, you consent to our use of cookies. Voice-over narration by Anne Baxter, as “Valerie Hogan,” is heard intermittently throughout the picture. Communications are essential; don’t underestimate the value in investing in a system that allows HQ and regional support teams to communicate with each other. You may find yourself in a frustrating game of telephone otherwise. Lucidchart is the intelligent diagramming application that empowers teams to clarify complexity, align their insights, and build the future—faster. With this intuitive, cloud-based solution, everyone can work visually and collaborate in real time while building flowcharts, mockups, UML diagrams, and more. If possible, these meetings could be conducted during the hand-off so that the team can better communicate and share knowledge with each other.

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These routing strategies enable incoming calls to forward or route to different locations based on specific rules set by the business. Under the best software development company model, communication is the key for accountability and continuity across regions in helping clients maintain digital assets, applications, and security.


We have a number of support teams located all over the world. At first, client calls went to whoever was able to receive them – regardless of where in the world they were. This was chaos at first; some calls got routed to teams already offline, while some teams got no calls when they were online.


In Oakland, the Hogans are down to their last five dollars when Ben enters the last tournament of the season. Finally able to ignore the gallery, Ben ties for sixth place and wins $285, much to Valerie’s delight. Chuck wins, and Ben laments that he cannot be more like Chuck, who is lauded by both the public and Dexter. At the celebration, Ben and Valerie meet Norma, Chuck’s new, party-loving wife. By 1948, Ben has become a great champion, although reporters call him “The Texas Iceberg” and “The Mechanical Man” in reaction to his technically perfect yet cold style of play.

Companies have found that opening up shop south of the border means that they can hire highly-skilled and creative teams for a better rate. These teams provide customer support and software development as your company expands to new markets. In its early days, this customer service approach only seemed feasible for big companies that had the resources to open and staff multiple offices around the world. The truth is, Systems analysis support is simply a method meant to satisfy customers, regardless of time or location, and that too can be a reality for even small- to mid-size businesses. Some companies do this by having multiple customer service hubs or remote teams. Then, these companies get time-based routing or location-based routing from a virtual number provider like Global Call Forwarding.

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You can then showcase them through customer reviews and testimonials that will inspire other similar customers to connect with your business. The “follow-the-sun” model is about providing the support that clients and customers need — by way of a global workflow that literally follows the sun. Think about every time you, personally, were on a customer service call and the issue needed to be elevated to a manager? Team leads are the go-to resource for issues while they are occurring or when action must be taken immediately. Daily handoffs mean more than just passing the baton once one team’s quitting bell sounds. It means agent accountability and tracking metrics based on performance, both of which we think are essential for best-in-class customer service. Handing off work from site to site balances the workload and makes it easier for you to offer consistent levels of service at all times.

If you’re providing critical product or platform to your users, then human remediation in the moment is typically going to be too slow. Follow The Sun does not represent those Australian acts who produced a number one single leading to international fame and fortune. Some of the artists on the compilation never even made the local hit parade. But the fact that many of Follow-the-sun these artists didn’t enjoy chart success is secondary; these artists represent the consciousness of their time. As radio perpetrated pop fodder trodding the middle ground to ensure maximum advertising, the artists on this album chronicled the times in their own unique ways. My morning run always gives me an opportunity to start the day, feeling reborn and renewed.

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